100Dh for flood victims in Morocco

This is may be the first ever successful online fundraising campaign involving electronic payment in Morocco, after the floods that took place last week in middle western Morocco (some say southern Morocco but the south is still some 1000km down 😉 ) especially arround Guelmim and Tiznit, some Twitter users held up a donations campaign instead of just sharing disaster photos. In less than 24 hours, they have already reached more than 60.000dh from citizen, and 45.000dh from telecommunication operator Meditel.guelmim

People behind the campaign are reliable peeps, the donations will go directly to the Moroccan Alimentation Bank, the renown organisation has publicly endorsed the campaign on its official Facebook page people can pay trough a secure online plateform wether they have a Moroccan or a foreign credit card. For those who want to make direct donations to the Alimentation Bank, explanations are given on their official webpage: http://www.banquealimentaire.ma/aide.asp , but of course if you pay from abroad credit card payment has less fees.

Note that the Moroccan law obliges anyone to get an agreement from the government general secretary before any donation campaign, we have in this case a classic situation showing how odd and bureaucratic are the actual laws for the internet age. Meanwhile, some official institution like the British council in Morocco, used to reactivity on social networks have already endorsed the campaign and this is a good move from them.

Update: the official account of the Moroccan Embassy in the UK also published the call for donations, and it is to my knowledge the first Moroccan governmental institution to do so, which is a very good step from them, we might wonder if it was done under inspiration from the British Council, but let us now focus on donations